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~ Appetizers~

Cheese and Cracker Tray: 18"                
A flavor full blend of cheese with a compliment of crackers.

Feed approximately 20-25 people.
Smoked Meat and cheese Tray: 18"        
An assortment of smoked meats (Brisket, pork, chicken sirloin tip  ect.) & cheeses.
Feed approximately 20-25 people.

 Relish Tray: 18"                                        
¨Mixture of pickles, peppers, olives etc..

Feed approximately 20-25 people
Vegetable Tray:                                           
Array of fresh vegetables such as celery, carrots, broccoli, green peppers ,etc..

With a vegetable dip to compliment
 Fresh Fruit Tray:                                        
A mixture of fresh seasonal or frozen fruit varieties.
Feed approximately 20-25 people.
Shrimp Tray:                                           
Approximately 2 lbs. of peeled and de-veined large shrimp with shrimp or tartar sauce.
Spinach Dip:                                           
A savory dip in a toasted bread bowl, surrounded by toasted bread pieces.
Guacamole Dip:                                        
Avocado's blended with garlic, onions, tomato's, salt and cilantro. Feed approximately 20.
Pico De Gallo:                                          
A mixture of fresh cilantro, tomato’s, onions, chilies, and lime juice. Feed approximately 20.

 Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers:                                                          
Fresh peppers, de veined and filled with a combination of sausages, cilantro, spices and cream cheese. Then wrapped in bacon. Feed approx. 20.

              Queso Fundido Chorizo:                            
Chorizo mixed with onions, peppers, salsa, and spices. Then covered with chihuahua cheese. Comes with bag of corn chips. Feed approximately 20.

  ~ Main Entrees~
Kraut and Sausage:                            
A mixture of polish and smoked sausage, together with kraut, onions, garlic, caraway seeds and smoked bacon for an excellent flavor.
Sausage and Peppers:                      
Italian sausage links, smothered with onions, & green peppers, in a sweet red sauce.
Fresh Polish and Peppers:               
Fresh Polish grilled and then mixed with peppers, & onions in a garlic butter wine sauce.
Smoked Meat Melody :                 
Mixture of fresh Polish, smoked Polish, smoked Corn Beef, and Bacon. Then blended with cabbage, noodles, Kraut and spices.
Lemon Butter Tilapia:                    
Lightly grilled over Pecan wood. Then baked in a garlic and lemon butter sauce. Approx . 14 filets per tin.(seasonal price, subject to change)
Shrimp Scampi:                               
Fresh schrimp sauted in garlic and butter and onions.Then put over linguine noodles.
Mostaccioli with meat sauce:             
A blend of hamburger and sausage in a sweet Italian red sauce, with a compliment of Italian cheeses melted on top.
Spaghetti and Meatballs:                     
A blend of  seasoned hamburger in a sweet Italian red sauce, with spaghetti. 
Italian Beef in Aujus:                         
Fresh seasoned beef (not processed) slow roasted and sliced thin in a Italian seasoned Aujus sauce with peppers.
Grilled Chicken Ka-Bab's:               
Chicken breast, cooked over wood with skewered fresh vegetables. Then suated in lemon, oregano and a butter sauce
Broasted chicken:                         
Fresh chicken pieces broasted for crispness and flavor
                                                       BBQ Baby Back Ribs:     Full Slab       
Slow smoked over wood. Then smothered in a tangy Apple Cinnamon BBQ Sauce.  Min. order 12 slabs.  

                                          Corn Beef and Cabbage:       

                                     Corned Beef mixed with spices, cabbage, potatoes and fresh vegetables.
              Pepper steak:                
Tender steak with a mixture of peppers, onions. stewed tomatoes in a beef sauce.
        Pulled Pork:              
* House specialty*
Pork shoulder, slow roasted over Apple wood and Pecan wood. Then shredded. Plain or in a tangy Apple Cinnamon BBQ sauce. Min. order 10.lbs.
      Beef brisket:                 
* House specialty*
Fresh Beef Brisket, seasoned and then slow roasted for 12 hrs. Served in a Aujus sauce or a tangy Apricot BBQ sauce. Min. order 10 lbs.
           Pork Chops:                                 
Thick Pork Chops grilled over wood. and smothered in a tangy Apple Cinnamon BBQ Sauce. Min. order 15.
      Roast Pork:                         
Slow roasted and sliced in a Dijion Mustard and wine sauce.
  Stuffed Pork Chops:               
Thick boneless chops, stuffed with buttery homemade sage dressing. (Approximately 10 chops to a tin)  

    Beef Burgundy:                    
Sirloin Tri-tip, breaded and fried in olive oil and spices.Then covered in a dark rich mushroom, bacon and wine sauce. (Suggestion: Served over buttered , garlic and Parmeasan bow-tied noodles) Serve Approx. 20.

Roasted Turkey and Gravy:     
A Slow roasted Turkey with a seasoned rub and a rich gravy. (Approx. 22 lb. bird).

Chicken and Noodles:             
Lots of chicken mixed with Amish noodles and vegetables in a creamy chicken gravy.

Stuffed Peppers:                      
Mixture of hamburger, rices and spices packed into green peppers in a light red sauce. ( approx. 17-20 peppers)

Stuffed Cabbage rolls:           
Beef, Rice, spices and smoked bacon are blended with kraut and stuffed in cabbage rolls. (approx. 22 rolls)

BBQ Meatballs:                       
A blend of hamburger and spices, then covered in bbq sauce.
 Sweet and sour Meatballs:    
A blend of hamburger, bread crumbs and spices rolled and then smothered in a pineapple sauce .

Meat Loaf:                               
Mixture of hamburger, bread crumbs and spices. Cooked in a brown gravy or a red gravy. Aprox.25 slices.

Wood Roasted chickens:                  
Seasoned and slow roasted over wood. Tender and juicy. Min. order 25.

                                                           Glazed Ham:     ( Price is dependant on size and type)
Cloves, brown sugar, pineapples and cherries make flavor for this ham. The drippings make an excellent gravy.   

Smoked Corn Beef:                 
Seasoned and slow roasted for hours over wood. Tender and juicy. Min. order 3lbs.

 Smoked Sirlion Tip:                                   
Seasoned and slow roasted for hours over wood. Shaved thin (mix with peppers, onions and garlic butter to make an excellent Philly Cheese). Min. order 5 lbs.

 Ribeye Steaks:                          
3/4 - 1 lb. marbled Ribeye Steaks. Seasoned and grilled over wood to add flavor to this excellent piece of meat. Min. order 20 steaks. (Note: No guarantee on steaks ordered well done).

Grilled Hamburgers:                  
1/4 ground chuck cooked over wood. Min. order 100. Cheese: add .50 ea

Beer Brats:                                 
Seasoned and marinated in beer, garlic & onions. Then grilled over wood. Min. order100.

Vienna Hot Dogs:                       
 Vienna hot dogs that fill your buns. Min. order 100.. 

Beef Taco's:                               
Seasoned ground chuck mixed in a light tomato sauce and spices. Corn or flour tortillas. Min order 25.

Pork Taco's:                                 
  seasoned Pork roast, smothered in a homemade spicy red sauce. Corn or flour tortillas. Min. order 25.  

Steak Fajitas:                                 
Marinated and grilled skirt steak, mixed with onions, spices, poblano peppers & green peppers. Comes with aaprox. 48 corn or flour tortillas

Beef Enchiladas Suizas:               
Seasoned and shredded chuck roast wrapped in a large flour tortillas and smothered in a red chile sauce. Then covered with cheese. Min. order 12.

 Chicken Enciladas Suizas:         
Seasoned and shredded chicken breast, mixed with spinach and wrapped in a large flour totrtillas. Then smothered in a spicy white cream sauce with green chiles. Then covered with cheese. Min order 12. 

 Tamales - Beef - or Chicken:                   
Min. order 24. 


Homemade beef chili:                        
Ground beef, diced tomato's, peppers, beans and spices Almost 2 gallons.
Stuffed green pepper soup:              
A blend of hamburger, rice and peppers, tomato sauce & spices.
Chicken Shell:                                  
Boneless chicken breast and shell noodles in a creamy soup.

  ~Side Dishes~

~ Items listed are based on a Full tray ~
Mashed Potato's:                          
Real potatoes, blended with creamy butter and seasoning
Garlic & Parmesan Potato's:    
Diced / skin on potato's blended with onions, garlic, butter & topped with fresh Parmesan Cheese.
Red Potato's:                              
Diced / skin on, red potato's mixed with butter, garlic, peppers and seasoning.
Broccoli Cheese Casserole:      
Broccoli, rice, butter, cheese, soup and seasoning make this creamy casserole.
Potato Salad:                              
Made from scratch, not store bought. Made with celery, eggs, mayo and seasoning
Double Baked Potato:               
Fresh Idaho potato's smoothly mashed and blended with butter, cheese, onions, bacon and topped with more cheese and bacon. A true heart stopper!
Butter / Parsley Potato's:          
Small round potato's mixed with butter, garlic, pepper, salt and parsley to round out your entree's.
Macaroni Salad:                       
Elbow noodles mixed with real mayonnaise, relish, celery and slivers of carrots
        Pasta Salad:                     
Rotini pasta mixed with fresh vegetables, pepperoni, salami,  spices and Italian dressing
Mac and Cheese:                      
Elbow macaroni smothered in a blend of creamy cheese
Candied Sweet Potatoes:         
Sweet potato's sliced thick and smothered in butter, brown sugar and spices. Covered with melted marshmellows
Bow-tie Noodles:                     
Bow-tie noodles mixed with butter, garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese.
 Italian Green Beans:            
French cut green beans blended with smoked bacon, sweet onions, garlic, and Italian spices
Baked Beans:                      
Beans cooked with smoked bacon and sweet onions and then blended together with rich molasses, brown sugar and family spices

Buttered Corn:                    
Corn in a creamy butter sauce, mixed with cut green and red peppers
Mixed Vegetables:             
Seasoned vegetables in a light cheese and butter sauce
Glazed Carrot's:                    
Fresh carrot's blended with butter and rich dark brown sugar.
Sage Dressing:                    
Seasoned bread crumbs mixed with celery, onions, butter & spices. Flavoring: Chicken, Beef or Turkey (seasonal). 
Green Bean Caserole:       
Beans, cooked with smoked bacon, onions and butter. Then blended with mushroom soup and topped with onion pieces. 
Frijioles Refrito:              
Seasoned Pinto beans, mixed with onions and bacon. Topped with crumbled Queso Freco (cheese).
Cole Slaw:                     
Shredded cabbage, mixed with a creamy blend of salad dressing.. 
Antipasto Salad:           
A fresh Italian salad loaded with tomato wedges, pepperoni, sliced black & green olives, ham, mozzarella cheese, pepperoncini peppers & onions. Then blended with an olive oil, seasoned Italian dressing and topped with parmesan cheese. (A meal in it's self)
Garden Salad               
Fresh greens with tomato wedges, onions, cucumbers & diced peppers  Ranch, French or Italian Dressing
Toms Favorites
~ Menu Options ~
From our rotisserie wood roasters
                           Basic Hog                                               
   Double Hogs                       
Based on 65lb. Hog, hanging wieght
   Bacis Lamb                         
   Double Lambs                    
                      Based on 36 lb. Lamb, hanging weight
   Combo Hog / Lamb             
 Based on 65lb. Hog & 37 lb. Lamb
~Important Information~
~ There is a $150.00 deposit required on all reservations, to secure your date. Said deposit will be refunded to you once all equipment and utensils are returned in the condition they were rented to you. Note: There will be a surcharge and deduction for any and all items lost, stolen, damaged and or uncleaned at the time of the pickup~
~ Full menu serice options and on site cooking available upon request ~
~ All packages & prices subject to change ~
~ All packages & items subject to 6% Indiana sales tax ~
~ ****There is a $50.00 setup charge for onsite cooking. Also water and electric must be available on scene****~
~ **** All outstanding bills must be paid in full 10 working days prior to your party****~  
~Any menu changes after the cut off date will result in a surcharge, that is to be paid in full prior to the date of your occassion.~
~ T & S Catering, has health permits for all of Lake County, In. including the city of Hammond. Outside this area the customer will be responsible for the cost of any additional permits.~ .


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